Baby Spruce Makes a New Friend

Baby Spruce March 14

In case you missed it: Baby Spruce has a new friend, actually a distant cousin: Baby Sago. You can read the whole story on Bubblews.

Once again my thanks go out to Diane Quinn for the photo of Baby Sago (below) and the inspiration.

Baby Sago


Baby Spruce is Famous!

Some of you already know about Baby Spruce from my posts on Bubblews. However, in case you have not followed his adventures, Baby Spruce is a little evergreen we planted last September in a wooden planter. He took on a life of his own (he has a page here too, just go to the tab on the top).

He has now become famous. I participate in a crew challenge on the Brad Keselowski website (he is the 2012 Nascar champion) and my submission about Baby Spruce now resides permanently on the champion’s official website. How did I tie in a tiny tree with racing? You can read the entry on the site.

The Baby Spruce Chronicles

Baby Spruce became a member of our family in September of 2013. No, no, not a real baby, it’s our Dwarf Alberta Spruce tree. Follow his adventures, if you dare.