Day 1 of the move from Richmond, Virginia to Chicago, Illinois (Part I)


Don’t Forget to Bring Me!

September 26, 2012

Preparing to merge two households is never easy. In my case, all that I was bringing had to fit into my Saturn (because Tom was driving us to Chicago in it), and that included my cat, Princess Gracie.

Cleaning up the hotel room Gracie and I had lived in for 19 months was a several-day event. Gracie was not bothered by the packing activities at all and even jumped on the cart, as you can see.

If it fits, it ships. Indeed, Gracie made really sure we did not leave her behind. As if that would ever happen!

While we were packing, housekeeping actually knocked on the door to inquire if we were checking out. I was paid up until October 2, so talk about getting the bum’s rush!

This is what it looks like when turning a mountain into a mole hill.

And that is the trunk. Luckily, I shipped most of my clothes ahead of time, so we did not have to worry about those.

Our goal was to leave by noon on Wednesday, September 26, but we did  not get out until shortly after 2 pm. Still, not too bad. I turned in my keys and never turned back.

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