Day 2 of the move from Richmond, Virginia to Chicago, Illinois (Part I)


September 27, 2012

Can you say new beginnings? Tom took this picture through the window on Thursday morning, at the Super 8 hotel in Hagerstown, Maryland. Appropriately it was my first sunrise away from Virginia, the dawning of a new chapter in my life. And that was after we awoke at 4 am to thunder and lightning.

I had dreaded day 2 of the trip the most because with around 280 miles it was the biggest segment and it took us through mountains.Image

This is the Pennsylvania Turnpike. We traveled all 86 miles (or so) of it.

Yes, there do be mountains in PA. Not as bad as my prior experience when traveling through them in West Virginia, but my ears did not like the pressure changes that much either. My Saturn bravely took us uphill steadily enough, it only got dicey a couple of times when the transmission complained. Downhill was easier for me, but Tom did have to “whoa” the vehicle down a bit a few times.

Oh, and there was a tunnel too, the Allegheny Tunnel. Good thing neither Tom nor I knew that until we were on it because we both are not thrilled about those. After that, the rain started …. but that will be told about in Part II.

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