Day 2 of the move from Richmond, Virginia to Chicago, Illinois (Part II)

Are we there yet? (Gracie in the Akron, Ohio hotel room)

Still September 27

If I had to sum up day 2, it would be: mountains, tunnel, and rain–in that order. Also, since Gracie had not relieved herself into the makeshift litter box during the night, we stopped at a PA rest stop (the one close to where one of the planes went down during the Sept. 11 attack) and took her to the pet area, hoping she would use the grass. Well, Tom took her while I stayed in the car. Unfortunately, that experience scared the daylights out of her and she did not go, so he brought her back to the car.

Luckily, the rain did not start until we were pretty much out of the mountains. It was sprinkling against the windshield before then, and we both saw the clouds ahead of us. However, somehow we had a mutual silent understanding to not talk about them, as if by ignoring them somehow we would not be driving into rain.

Well, that did not work of course and so we have really no pictures to show as it rained from Pennsylvania to Ohio. Tom was almost ready to throw in the towel, when the rain finally subsided enough to cease white-knuckle driving and go back to regular programming of trying to put as many miles as possible between me and Virginia.

By the time we got to the hotel in Akron, Ohio, our scheduled stop for the day, it stopped long enough for us to check in and sneak the cat into the hotel room. This time she happily greeted her makeshift litter box and christened it appropriately, and repeatedly, throughout the night.

If you think that is TMI, it just shows you how little there is to say about that part of the journey. We all were relieved, in more ways than one though because we knew day 2 would be the worst and it was over. Or so we thought.

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