Trying Tiffany’s


Last night we went to Tiffany’s Restaurant in Des Plaines. For me, it was the first time. Wow, it’s a good thing that I did not read the online reviews until after we went. The complaints talk about old clientele and blase decor. Well, the place is next to a Comfort Inn, so if you want to pick up people or expect it to be the Ritz, don’t go there.

What won me over right away was the waitress going gaga over my hair. She loved the blond/pink highlights in the front and my hair does not exactly show all the shades I have with interior lighting, especially in the evenings so I was pleased that she noticed.

Well, back to the food. I had the Greek-style chicken that comes with choice of soup or salad (I picked salad) and Greek-style potatoes. As you can see, this was half a chicken and I ended up taking half of that home. I also took home a piece of chocolate fudge cake.

Tom had the Greek-style skirt steak and I tried some bites and it was super tender. I am not a steak person, but it tasted good. Also, I have a very sensitive system and if anything is at all wrong with food, or they use sub par ingredients, I’ll know. So, I am not sure why so many reviews are bad, we liked it.

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