B is for Buona Beef

Buona Beef

My first taste of Bouna Beef (the restaurant) was shortly after I moved to Chicago and it was the Buona Beef, which is their classic beef sandwich. (see above).

I’ve had that sandwich several times, and once strayed from the norm by ordering a Ham & Brie on Pretzel. It’s just what it sounds like: Black Forest ham with Brie on a pretzel roll. It also has Dijon mustard, lettuce and apple slices. Yummy! There is no picture as I devoured it immediately and only half-way through remembered.

Oh, and I also had my first taste of the famous Italian dessert named cannoli from the Buona Beef Restaurant. Sorry, no picture either–for the same reason. It was one of the best desserts you can get from a take-out place, and believe me, I’ve sampled many desserts in my lifetime.

Never heard of Buona Beef? Their menu description says it’s a restaurant created by the Buanovalento family in 1981 with authentic recipes from Naples that were perfected in the old Italian Chicago neighborhood. All I can say is: Yummy!

16 thoughts on “B is for Buona Beef

  1. Again with the food? Don’t you know it is too early for that kind of food right now? I hope you continue to tantalize us with these wonderful looking dishes. If only we could share the smell.

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