C is for Charcoal Delights

Charcoal Delights

Charcoal Delights is unique to Des Plaines (the suburb where we live) and has been in business for over 20 years. Just like the name suggests, the food at this restaurant is charbroiled. I am a total fan of the turkey burger (see above) that comes on a nice grainy bun, not the processed spongy white stuff. I had that on my first visit there, in the fall of 2012.

It’s the kind of place where you order at the counter, take the number after paying for it and then they bring the food to you when it’s ready. The place seems really popular with the locals and I can see why. Oh, and it has purple tables, booths and chairs, a big plus for me since purple is my favorite color. (You can get an idea on the pic below).

Italian sandwich at Charcoal Delights

We went back recently and I ordered the Italian beef sandwich with hot peppers. I passed on the fries, but I snacked on some of Tom’s (he ordered a gyro plate, see below). Had I known they were this good (I normally don’t like fries) I would have had some too. Mental note for next time! Oh, and I ordered chocolate chip cheesecake again to give it another try (was not too impressed the first time) and it was delicious the second time around.

Gyro platter

13 thoughts on “C is for Charcoal Delights

  1. All of it sounds yummy. I am not much for turkey burgers unless there is something to make them particularly moist. The gyro looks delish.

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