K is for Kuhn’s Deli and Cafe

Kuhns Deli and Cafe

(My theme for the A-Z challenge is places, things and people around Chicago)

Kuhn’s Deli is a German deli and cafe (they do have some other European foods, but it’s mainly German) where I can find some of the goodies I have missed for so long. I’ve been there three times so far. Around November, right after Christmas, and just before Easter.

Kuhns Interior

We went right after Christmas to see if they would reduce their Christmas items, but it was not so. On my most recent trip, I was hoping to find some fondant and jelly Easter egg candy (Germans will know what I mean), but their Easter selection was small. Well, no matter, they still have plenty of stuff there that I like.

Kuhns food

Here are some of my favorite items I get there: Marzipan, Kinder Schokolade, gingerbread cookies, and black currant jelly.

We have not tried the cafe in the back yet, but it has really good online reviews.

4 thoughts on “K is for Kuhn’s Deli and Cafe

  1. Hi Alex and Tom .. I love marzipan and black currant jelly … both are treats … I’m pleased you can find some of the foods you like from your homeland of Germany … cheers Hilary

  2. Me too, I love marzipan, from a different part of the world though, South Africa/Zambia. When I first came to America, I found myself frequenting German stores (when I could find them) for the delicacy until I found English shops and could indulge full on, because that’s a huge part of South African life. By the way, I’ve got Chicago on my most desired places to visit. Cheers!

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