O is for O’Hare


(My theme for the A-Z challenge is places, things and people around Chicago)

… Chicago’s O’Hare Airport, that is. We live a few thousand feet from it (as the plane flies). When I first moved here, I thought it was cool to see planes so low that you can read the lettering on the side. Now it can be a little annoying when the weather is bad because they come in and take off so low. On some days, they seem to fly over every 20 seconds or so. It’s no wonder–I heard that it’s one of the most busiest airports in the world. Other days, it’s quiet as they must be using other runways. I cherish those days!

The picture above was taken at the local Target, less than a mile from here, with an average camera without a zoom. The funny thing is that I had to write an article on O’Hare a few months (in August 212 to be exact) before I moved here. Also, Tom went through O’Hare three times to come see me in Richmond, when we were still doing the long-distance thing. Thank goodness that is over.

Yes, there do be planes in Des Plaines. Lots of them.

6 thoughts on “O is for O’Hare

  1. We live on a flight path for small planes…sure it annoying at times! I’m like you, I appreciate the quieter days. But its better than living next to a train crossing, which is a million times more annoying so I’m thankful for that.

    • Can’t say I’ve ever lived near a train crossing. We do have several on the way into our neighborhood and it’s annoying when you have to wait for them when trying to come home, but not close enough for us to hear the bells, whistles and all that.

  2. That is quite the close-up! I have been to Chicago twice but not sure I was at O’Hare either time. I must have been the 2nd time I think, unless there’s a smaller airport I might’ve gone to instead. Gosh, my memory is fuzzy!

  3. I took my step daughter to O’Hare last fall. Holy crap is that place huge. It was a mess because we were so ill prepared for the size of the place. A missed flight later, she finally got on a plane.

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