P is for Pine Grove Restaurant

Pine Grove Breakfast

(My theme for the A-Z challenge is places, things and people around Chicago)

Shortly after we were settled in our new home last year, Tom asked me if I wanted to go out for breakfast. Well, duh. (According to the date on my pic, this was on Oct. 14, 2012). I had no idea what I was in for when he took me to the Pine Grove Restaurant. I ordered the one-egg breakfast with pancakes and a bowl of oatmeal for good measure as I really love the stuff.

Well, you see what that looked like–between mine and Tom’s order, it looked like they were wheeling in enough food to feed a family of four. I finished most of it, except for the hashbrowns. Not really into those. However, they did not go to waste. Those went home for the dog!

We’ve been back several times since then as the restaurant is only about a mile away or so, and I usually order this breakfast. I once had lunch too, a patti melt (see below).

Pine Grove Patti Melt

And of course we had to try dinner too. I made mine a “Windy City Reuben” (see below). Yes, it’s really called that. One factor I really like about the Pine Grove Restaurant is that they have fresh fruit as a side option. It makes me feel less guilty about ordering dessert! I’ve had the cherry pie and while the slices are pretty small for what you pay, it’s awesome. Tart, not sugared, just the way I like it.

reuben at pine grove

Now, since the Pine Grove Restaurant is attached to the Best Western Hotel, don’t try to go there for the ambiance. The music is usually from the 50s and a lot of the clientele is probably passing through since O’Hare Airport is across the street.

5 thoughts on “P is for Pine Grove Restaurant

  1. I like my cherry pie tart too. That place looks awesome. I love local spots like that. I prefer them to big chains, they are homey and put out good plates of food! You have very good taste, every item you chose, I would happily snarf down too!

  2. Food looks fabulous. I would never think to try a place connected to Best Western, particularly by an airport. Places that get one timers usually don’t even strive to be good; but this looks like quite a find. And I’m hungry now, thanks to you. lol A-Z

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