Q is for Quiz Night at The Stadium


(My theme for the A-Z challenge is places, things and people around Chicago)

Okay, so it’s really trivia night, but I needed to find something for Q. The Stadium is a local sports bar that hosts regular trivia nights by Pub Trivia USA. Tom is a regular on a team and they do quite well–the end of the recent season they came in 10th from over 300 teams.

Anyway, when I found out they were doing a Nascar trivia night on March 29, I had to go with him because we are both Nascar nuts. No one else from his team went so it was just him and I, but we played under his team name and number so they could use our score for the upcoming season scores.

I have only been watching Nascar for around ten years, so I was nervous to see how we would stack up. We got there early so we could eat too. Tom was being good and did fish fry for Good Friday, and I ordered whole wheat pasta with meat sauce.

How did we do with the questions? Well, we came in 2nd, despite being the only team to answer two of the questions. One of these was “what is the Daytona 500 trophy called” and the other was “what does it mean when a car is in the groove.” However, those were lower-scoring questions, so … in the end we missed 1st place by 2 points.

Some of the other questions we got right were name the founder of Nascar, how much a horsepower a Generation 6 car has, year of the first Daytona race and winner (you had to get both parts of this question right to get the points), and who was the first to run the Coca Cola 600 and Indy 500 in one day.

Things that stumped us: What amendment caused the start of Nascar (we all knew it was about prohibition, but could not come up with the number) and in which Elvis movie did Cale Yarborough and Richard Petty have cameo appearances. Hey, I know nothing of American history (not being an American) and I am not into movies.

We did get the final question right. It was a four-parter and you had to get each part correct in order to get the points you wagered. We had to explain each of the following meanings: black flag, blue/yellow-striped flag, back flag with x, and checkered.


5 thoughts on “Q is for Quiz Night at The Stadium

  1. I also take part in a quiz team. we meet monthly. we’re usually in the bottom half rather than the top half but it’s the taking part and meeting up with people that’s fun.

  2. I would have been clueless! But I love pub food. My son keeps trying to get us to go out with him, but the thought creeps me out. That’s stretching into a new non parental territory.

    I always remember things .. like 2 days after the event,lol. I’m such a bad trivia person!

  3. I don’t know much about Nascar but I do love what all the drivers to to support Childhood cancers- and for the children at Duke. Jimmy Johnson is well loved by many of our little friends with cancer.- My daughter is a childhood cancer survivor 🙂
    Happy A-Z Friday!

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