S is for Silver Stallion

Silver stallion pork chops

Greek-Style Pork Chops

No, it’s not a male strip club. The Silver Stallion is another one of those Des Plaines restaurants that is located next to a cheap motel. (I think it’s the Best Western). Some of the online reviews are horrible, like the one that talks about “having to wait on the trailer trash waitress with the bad teeth to come back from her smoke break to wait on you.” When I read that I said to Tom, jokingly, that it sounds like our neighbor. We found out she actually does work there, but so far we have avoided her. Thank goodness.

greek salad silver stallion

Greek Salad

Anyway, a lot of people also complain about the old clientele. The Silver Stallion is located next to a nursing home, so yes, some of the residents show up to eat. It does not bother us. After all, we go to a place for food, not to pick up dates. Besides, at my age I appreciate a slower pace! The food is always good and that is what matters.

6 thoughts on “S is for Silver Stallion

  1. Hee Hee Silver Stallion
    Your comments about male strip clubs made me giggle!

    The things people complain about hey? Makes me sad,mad and laugh at the same time.
    Those pork chops looks yummy.

    I lived in a trailer park..with people others would call trash(I guess they’d call me trash too!)oh the times we had…lol. My life is not nearly as entertaining as it once was. When it was bad it was very bad, but when it was good, it was excellent! We met a lot of good people there.

    • Yes it’s our first time in a trailer park and we see some interesting things. However, I don’t care what people think about me. We live here because we can afford it, and it’s much better than some of the apartments I’ve been in in my life. And it beats living in your car, trust me!

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