U is for Uriah Heep at Viper Alley

Viper Alley

Yes, this is sort of a sneaky post. My theme for the challenge is “people, places and things around Chicago” and Uriah Heep is definitely an international band. However, since Viper Alley is a local place, it does tie in, plus it gives me an excuse to talk about my favorite band. (No worries, I still have a cool entry planned for V). Since I’ve never seen Uriah Heep live, I asked Tom to write up his experience at the Viper Alley.

Tom says:

I had the good fortune to see the classic English rock band Uriah Heep ( yes they are still around and playing shows) at Viper Alley in the Northwest suburb of Lincolnshire in August of 2011. They were touring in support of their latest album “Into the Wild.”  They played a very inspired set of 15 songs mixing some new material into the set as well as all the classic Heep tunes.

As they were leaving the stage after playing the classic tune “Lady in Black” guitarist Mick Box handed me his guitar pick he used while playing. I turned it into a necklace for Alexandra. The band was in top form and the sound was incredible. If Uriah Heep ever come to your town, do you ears a favor and go check them out. They still ROCK !

Here is some background information: This was before Tom and I got together. We were friends on Facebook at the time of this concert, but did not become an item until a few months after the concert. The guitar pick that came from Mick Box is the one Mick used in the picture below.

Mick Box Lady in Black

The guitar pick was the first gift Tom gave me when he came to see me in Richmond in March 2012. This beats any kind of fancy jewelry and I knew right away Tom would be a keeper! Also, during my single days I always said the man who gets me forever has to like Uriah Heep. Yes, there are happy endings!

Back to the concert: Tom took 168 pictures and he let me browse through them to pick some for this post. It was hard to narrow them down, but I tried to keep it interesting.

Bernie Shaw

(Bernie Shaw)

Phil and Trevor

(Phil Lanzon, Trevor Bolder)

Russel Gilbrook

(Russell Gilbrook)


And for the die-hard Heep fans, here is the set list.

4 thoughts on “U is for Uriah Heep at Viper Alley

  1. I LOVE shows in intimate settings like that. Those are awesome photos!
    I love Tom’s gift to you. Awwwww!

    We’re set list people too:) We try and see as many shows as we can in a year. It’s kinda our “thing” I’m so lucky my kids like the same music as us. Lots of family bonding time.

  2. Hi Alex and Tom .. love the name of the band and the fact they’re still out there creating apparently! great music … and Viper Alley – good name too .. cheers Hilary

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