Yon Attractions of Chicago

chicago sign

(My theme for the A-Z challenge is places, things and people around Chicago)

Oh yes, I reached far to make the “Y” work for the challenge. Oh, there are a ton of words that start with the letter y, but here is the story behind it: I had mapped out just about all my letters/posts for the challenge beforehand, when a few people requested that I do something about tourist attractions in Chicago. I only had a few letters left (j, u, y), and I wanted to do one post about a variety of attractions. Hence the yon. And you do not want to know how long I browsed words to come up with a “y” word that could start a sentence!

Since Tom has lived here since birth, I asked him (rather than using a search engine) what he recommended. Instead of writing up something for each attraction, I’ve linked to a website for each destination. That way you can look at the ones that interest you the most.

Wrigley Field

Navy Pier

Millennium Park

Buckingham Fountain

Willis Tower (aka Sears Tower)

Hard Rock Cafe

I also asked Tom what travelers who only come through for one day might do to maximize their time here. He suggested The Loop because it gives you the whole metropolitan experience among all the skyscrapers that make the Chicago skyline so spectacular.

10 thoughts on “Yon Attractions of Chicago

  1. You make it sound interesting this Chicago place, but I hate cities–you don’t know how lucky you are that I made it to Richmond! I’m a country girl through and through, but one day I’ll make it out that way and pop in to say hello! 🙂

    • I used to like the country … but in my conditions I can not imagine living far away from everything, in case I have an emergency. Believe it or not, I haven’t been downtown yet either as that is too hectic for me too. Suburbs it is for me!

  2. High Five in making it to Y:) Almost there…I can feel the rest already!
    Yon is a good word!
    I’m going to spend a cozy afternoon checking out your links!

      • That’s crazy! No wonder I don’t see my posts after posting them! I’m back…..I want to read about your perceptions of Chicago attractions. Tom was right about the LOOP….going there gives tourists or visitors a real glimpse into a lot of Chicago’s history and culture, and it also provides some great views of the city!

      • I’ve never been to the Sear’s Tower (Willis Tower,) nor do I intend to go there. My mom’s lawyer works for a firm there, and they’re pretty strict about allowing people to go up. I’m terrified of heights, so I’ll never go up there. I once had to go up to one of the upper floors at the John Hancock Center, and I was scared witless!

  3. My perceptions are here already. This blog has pretty much everything I’ve done so far. As far as all the touristy stuff goes, I have to pace myself. I can’t do much when the weather is not right, and can only walk or stand for a few minutes at a time. So, that limits things. In other words, I have not even been downtown yet or out of the suburbs really. And of course I still have to work too and leave enough energy for that.
    As far as heights go, you and Tom have that in common. He had to do work at the John Hancock Center before, I think.

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