Reflecting on the A to Z Challenge (2013)

This was my second time around participating in the annual A to Z blogging challenge. Two things differed: I used a different blog and I pre-scheduled a lot of the posts.

Regardless, it was still a “challenge” for me, for two reasons mainly: I also participated in NaPoWriMo (write one poem for each day of April). Alas, I fell short by three on that one. And my computer is not very user-friendly, and that is the family-friendly version of saying it. It is very frustrating to work with a piece of equipment that is supposed to be faster than the human mind, but in my case is not. And I use it for work, of course.

Everyone who commented on my posts received a comment back from me in turn, even thought that took much longer than writing the actual post (thanks computer and Comcast whom I pay to get a “faster” connection that really isn’t). Even the one person who still had the verification thingy turned on got a comment. Well, in one case the link did not work, but that was on the last day of the challenge.

The challenge served me well because it was just the kick I needed to do something with this (relatively) new blog. I also found out that several of my fellow bloggers either live in the Chicago area or have lived here. It was also nice to visit blogs (and be visited) by users from other countries like India, Australia, South Africa, the UK and of course Canada.

6 thoughts on “Reflecting on the A to Z Challenge (2013)

  1. Sorry you had such frustrations with your computer and connection. I am pretty sure given my level of patience that would have done me in and I would have left the challenge unmet. So congrats on finishing!

  2. Yes, I had a lot of fun too, and this was my first year. There were quite a few that I visited, and they were not really participating, guess that is why I went from one number to another, they got weeded out. Also, the discus thing, I didn’t feel like I had to go to the trouble to seek and find a three line post. But that is me. I also noticed a lot of people still had the “captcha” thingy attached to their blogs, I ignored those, next year I will pass them up. When you have a lot to visit, you should need to be going to so much trouble to post your post, and all the rules where explained numerous times, so next year, those will be avoided as well. Outside of that, it was fun!

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