Gardening in the Trailer Park: Part 1

phase 1 day 10 sunflower pot

It all started with this huge wooden planter that Tom brought with him when we moved into the trailer park last fall. Yes, I know, when we settled here in October I should have started working on the yard then. Alas, we had other things to worry about, like getting furniture. For the first few days we did not even have a chair! That is how it works when you have a micro budget to work with. And since the lot had been neglected for so long we knew it would take lots of resources to make it even slightly presentable.

Anyway, I longingly gazed at the wooden planter that was sitting outside all winter and for most of spring time as we had a record-setting cold and wet one. I finally broke down on April 30 and planted sunflower seeds in said planter. After 1 week, right on schedule, I saw the first one peek through the dirt. At day 10, as you can see above, we have some nice growth going.

Now, I am still holding my breath as the weather turned back into winter. At least the temps aren’t supposed to go down quite to frost stage at night.

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