Gardening in the Trailer Park: Part 3

Flower bed 3 on May 12 mothers day

On Mother’s Day, when most people were taking it easy, we completed phase 3 of our gardening project. This was pre-meditated because that was the only day of the week that had sunshine with a balmy 52 degrees or so. Oh, we did have a nice breakfast out before getting started. Actually, the breakfast almost was a killer as we both did not feel like moooooving after eating–and I even ordered a lighter option from my usual fare.

Flower bed number 3 long view

This is the view from the back of the lot looking towards the street. It looks like 3 flower boxes, but it’s really one. Tom built the long frame first, then added the dividers. Pretty cool! What’s in it? I’ll show you once it blooms. Hopefully.


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