Gardening in the Trailer Park: New Growth Phase I

Since we’ve started playing around in the dirt trying to make stuff grow, I’ve been even more obsessed with watching temperatures. Like many other areas in the country, Chicago has experienced roller coaster temperatures this “spring.” Yesterday we had a frost advisory and I frantically researched what that would mean for the seeds in the ground and the freshly-sprouted sunflowers. All should be okay, just delayed somewhat.

Also, I have much to learn about germination and temperatures (Tom had gardens before, but always used plants not seeds). So, I decided to check the Weather Channel site to keep a log of the high and low temperatures to chart my progress.

April 30: 85/61

May 1: 84/63

May 2: 65/44

May 3: 48/39

May 4: 71/48

May 5: 68/49

May 6: 70/51

May 7: 75/48

May 8: 80/50

May 9: 75/47

May 10: 47/44

May 11: 58/44

May 12: 53/37

The dates in bold denote when I put seeds in the ground. The only growth so far (day 13) are the sunflowers in the planter that were seeded on April 30. The first ones sprouted on May 7, after an average high temp of 70 and an average low temp of 50, for a total average of 56 degrees (adding all highs and lows for the week and divided by 14).

And no, I won’t list all the upcoming dates and temps in future blogs (that would be boring), just the results from here on out. I used the first 12 dates for this post because this is how long it took to establish the basic “garden” (being optimistic here).

It’s a good thing I kept a log of what went where when.

rough draft rotated

Yes, it looks rough, but that is why they call it a rough draft, I guess!

2 thoughts on “Gardening in the Trailer Park: New Growth Phase I

  1. You’re in good company! A gardening log is a great tradition through history…Thomas Jefferson and many other gardeners have kept detailed notes. Thanks for keeping us posted!

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