Gardening in the Trailer Park: Meet Kurt

bush full view

Kurt is our lone bush. Why Kurt? It’s a joke between Tom and me, but NASCAR fans will get it too. Plus, we don’t know what this is. I did not even notice it when we moved in. I first noticed it a couple of months ago way in the back by the neighbor’s utility meter. Of course Kurt did not look like it does now (wish I had taken pics then). It consisted of maybe 5 sad looking twigs. I was surprised it survived our flood and as you can see, it has done way more than just survive. And that is after Tom actually trimmed it!

closeup of bush

I was thrilled to have some existing greenery (besides weeds) in our lot, but even more so when I noticed some white buds springing up all over a couple of days ago.

bush with buds

The shady side of it actually seems to thrive more, as you can see. I can’t wait to see what this develops into.

6 thoughts on “Gardening in the Trailer Park: Meet Kurt

  1. At first I cringed when you said Tom trimmed it before it bloomed…mostly because I thought it might have been a lilac. Thankfully it wasn’t because it wouldn’t have bloomed this year. There’s a lesson for you: Never prune a lilac before it blooms in spring. But looking at this now in flower I think it may be a honeysuckle shrub. Does it have a very nice scent? It should if it is a honeysuckle. It will get tiny red berries…good for the birds but not for human consumption.

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