Gardening in the Trailer Park: New Growth Phase II

sunflower sprout may 16

We have new growth in several flower beds. The one above is from the left sunflower bed in the front. That particular one started growing last evening, and when I first saw it, I shouted to Tom “sprout, sprout!” My neighbor’s must think I am suffering from Tourette’s or something. As you can see, by noon today it had already developed visibly. Both sunflower beds have equal amounts sprouting, just in various sizes.

Left box May 16

Despite those beds only receiving morning to early afternoon sun, it only took 9 days for the sprouts to come up, as opposed to the 7 days it took for the sunflowers to sprout in the big planter, which sits in (mostly) full sun.

Rigt box May 18

We know, sunflowers love full sun. Yes, it is a mobile home, but it’s staying put so we have to make the best with what we have outdoor-wise.

We also have new growth in the assorted annual flower box (flower box #3), but it’s too small to show here.  A few of the marigolds seem to have peeked through. The corner flower bed above box #3 also has a few sprouts, but we aren’t sure yet if those are weeds. If it’s the real thing, they are verbenas and baby’s breath. However, those were also seeded May 7 and that soil was not prepared as well as the sunflower beds, so I am a little skeptical. That is another challenge for the beginning gardener: Telling weeds apart from the real thing.

Regular readers know that I am keeping a temperature log. The average high temperature for the 9-day period from seeding to first sprouting for the May 7 batch is 69, the average low is 47, and the overall average temp (adding highs and lows divided by 18) is 58. I am surprised that the the 3-day stretch of low temps we had did not delay growth more than it did.

4 thoughts on “Gardening in the Trailer Park: New Growth Phase II

  1. yay, it’s coming along nicely and don’t worry about what the neighbors think. Mine must think I’m batty…especially when I step outside watering the weeds in the cracks with boiling water from the tea kettle! Thing is, it works and it’s cheap! 😀

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