Gardening in the Trailer Park: In the Name of Plants

Going to WalMart is a soul-sucking experience and we left part of our life force there today just to get a hanging basket. Why? Well, they were sold out of them at K-Mart and I could not wait much longer to plant the Cuban oregano that Glory Lennon sent to me a couple of weeks ago.

oregano in glass

I already had lost a couple of them, despite having them in water and taking them outside for part of the day. Trying to keep the buggers safe from the cat indoors was interesting, plus we have no window sills. No, the ones I lost weren’t victim of the cat, they just dropped their leaves for lack of light, I think.

planted oregano

Well, we did get our hanging baskets (I picked up an extra one, but I’ll tell you later what went in there in case what I planted does not come up), and I carefully planted the 4 stems of Cuban oregano that survived.

hanging oregano basket trailer view

They are now permanently outside. Well, we have storms in the forecast so we might have to move them for a couple of days. They did survive several days in an envelope traveling across multiple states, so we’ll see.

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