Gardening in the Trailer Park: the Good, the Bad, and the not so Pretty

front and corner view May 26

What can be not pretty about gardening? The way it looks after three days of torrential downpours. The good news is that whatever had sprouted by then survived. Not sure how … as a lot of the soil was washed away. The one Sweet Allysum that I thought had died is also trying to make a comeback. I will give it a chance before removing it. However, I am not optimistic at all about the five sections of perennials I had seeded along the neighbor’s trailer. That area was hit hardest.

Today I added some more soil to all flower beds because we have more storms in the forecast. At least the ground had a chance to dry out finally, even though the temperatures have been less than desirable.

We also discovered the hair clip I lost a couple of weeks ago when we started this adventure. The rain uncovered it and Tom found it. How did I lose a hair clip while gardening? I had used it to clip the seed envelopes together so they would not blow away in the wind.

Nasturtium closeup May 26

Another interesting surprise were the nasturtiums. I had planted those seeds on May 14. I’ve read about them online and it says the best thing to do is to plant them in drier conditions and that they did not like wet soil at all. Well, they pretty much endured standing water, off and on for a three-day period, and the buggers came up after ten days, regardless.

nasturtium rows may 26

Not all look that healthy, as you can see, but at least they are above ground.

I also found a couple of random seedlings poking their heads up in random spots, outside the rows. Dislodged seeds, perhaps? I’ll let them grow a little to see what will happen.

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