First Cookout of the Year

new grill

We had our first cookout of the year, and it coincided with Memorial Day. We also broke in a new grill we got that weekend.

hamburgers on grill

What did we have? Hamburgers, of course. We made them with onions, green peppers and Famous Daves Steak and Burger seasoning.

grilled potatoes

Tom also made some killer potatoes on the grill. How? He sliced up a large one, skin and all, made a tin foil packet, added butter, olive oil, ice cubes and secret seasoning. No really, I have no idea what he put on. All I know they were some of the best potatoes I ever had.

The weather was a chilli, overcast 50 degrees or so, but we still ate on the deck. Sorry, puppy!

4 thoughts on “First Cookout of the Year

    • Glory, I just reached into the spice cabinet and grabbed the first thing. I believe it was garlic and peppers I used on the spuds.

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