Impressions of Mother Nature

Tom and I were coming back from his niece’s graduation party in Lake in the Hills, about 50 minutes northwest of here, when we encountered some pretty impressive storm clouds. This was around 5:30 our time in the area of Algonquin. I took 11 pics with my cell phone. Some out the passenger window, some through the windshield. They are in timely order and the whole series was taken within just a few minutes. Yes, it’s a lot to look at, but trust me … you do want to see the final one.

weather 12

weather 11

I have no idea why the color is so different on this one.

weather 10

weather 9

Once again, change in color, but only taken a few seconds apart from the others.

weather 8

And that is what we were driving into.

weather 7

At this point I thought we might be storm chasers by accident.

weather 6

Despite the ominous looking sky, notice there was no rain yet.

weather 4

And the side view again.

weather 3

weather 2

weather 1

Shortly after this, we turned and headed east away from it. It eventually followed, but looked less ominous in the rear view mirror. We drove through some rain, but beat most of it home, and the worst went just north of us.

rainbow 1

And around 8 pm our time, look what showed up … this is the view from our deck.

rainbow 2

Tom was out and called me actually, so I could take pics. Here is a pic he took of the same rainbow at the same time from the grocery parking lot when he was out.

3 thoughts on “Impressions of Mother Nature

  1. Aww nice rainbow! I’m glad that was the end result and not something super scary.

    We get a lot of big stormy skies like that too.

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