Gardening in the Trailer Park: Growth Phase V

chives june 3

It’s been a while since I talked about about new growth because frankly, I am just glad that stuff survived the crazy weather (flooding, high winds). A while back I talked about seeding something in a hanging basket on the day I planted the Cuban oregano (in a seperate hanging basket). I wanted to wait to tell you what it was, in case it did not work.

Well, I can now tell you as the buggers sprouted. I first saw tiny signs of growth in the planter about 4-5 days ago. Then we went away for a few hours on Saturday and when we came back, we saw evidence of heavy rain. Oops. We had forgotten to move the planter onto the deck, out of harm’s way. Still, as of yesterday the whole row of … wait for it … parsley had sprouted.

Here are the germination stats for the parsley: It was seeded in the outdoor planter on May 20, the same day that started the cycle of the storms. When it was raining hard, we moved the planter onto the (covered) deck (except for the time I mentioned). So, they did not have the greatest light the whole time, plus we had some cold nights to deal with. Still, it only took 13 days to sprout. The average high temp during this period was 72 degrees, the average low was 55 and the median temp was 66 degrees.

How did the Cuban oregano cuttings fare I planted at the same time? Not so well. It’s been too cold I think, plus they got the same heavy rain poured on them while we were out Saturday. Not throwing in the (soggy) towel yet, but they need some major help.

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