Gardening in the Trailer Park: Operation Sunflower

sunflowers in planter june 3

When I seeded sunflowers in our wooden planter on April 30, I did not think every seed would sprout, so I planted extra. Well, sprout they did. Uber gardener Glory Lennon suggested that I transplant some of them. Good point, but where to put them?

preparing the back sunflower bed

Upon deliberation, I asked Tom if we could plant them adjacent to flower bed number 4. He set right to work and started preparing the ground.

sunflower removed

Meanwhile, I set to removing sunflowers from the planter with a fork.  Thanks for the tip, uber gardener!

transplanted sunflowers

Not long after I took this picture, they started drooping. Glory told me to expect that.

sunflower bed

After a trip to K-Mart, we finished the new addition so maintenance guy can’t mow them over. I mean, it should be obvious that they are not weeds, but we watched him spray himself in the face with paint before. So, we made this fool-proof.

sunflower planter after

And that is how the planter looks like now. Lets hope the remaining sunflowers will be fine because I was digging around their roots. Of course I added new soil and pressed it down firmly around the plants.

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