Gardening in the Trailer Park: Bigger is Better

sunflower through window july 7

This was the view from my spot on the couch yesterday. I did not get up, I took this picture while sitting down, with my cell phone camera. It’s a sunflower bud looking into the window! I find that interesting because sunflower heads normally point towards the sun.

Today,  it’s pointing straight up and already grew past the bottom of the blinds.  Some of the sunflowers in this batch (front of trailer) are growing at a rate of 3 inches per day.  How do we know? By measuring, of course.

How many are there? I actually counted them yesterday and get this: There are 15 in the left bed and 15 on the right for a total of 30. That’s after thinning them out! And many of those have multiple buds.

They have outgrown their stakes and the tallest ones are now anchored to the house via string and paper clips.

sunflowers front july 8

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