Baby Spruce is Famous!

Some of you already know about Baby Spruce from my posts on Bubblews. However, in case you have not followed his adventures, Baby Spruce is a little evergreen we planted last September in a wooden planter. He took on a life of his own (he has a page here too, just go to the tab on the top).

He has now become famous. I participate in a crew challenge on the Brad Keselowski website (he is the 2012 Nascar champion) and my submission about Baby Spruce now resides permanently on the champion’s official website. How did I tie in a tiny tree with racing? You can read the entry on the site.

The Baby Spruce Chronicles

Baby Spruce became a member of our family in September of 2013. No, no, not a real baby, it’s our Dwarf Alberta Spruce tree. Follow his adventures, if you dare.