Justin Bieber for Halloween – Now That is Scary!

Bieber skeleton

A few weeks before Halloween, Tom brought back a Justin Bieber shirt from the donation table which is located at the mail area in our trailer park. Not just any shirt, it was a pink girl’s nightgown.

“What on earth did you bring that back for?” I asked.

“Well, with Halloween around the corner, we could turn Bieber into a zombie, scarecrow or something.” He replied.

I was not thrilled about having Bieber laying around my house, so he got banned to the porch.

A few days later we were at the local Dollar store, looking for Halloween decorations. Low and behold, we found a hanging cardboard skeleton with the skull approximately the size of Bieber’s head on the shirt.

Of course we bought it. At home, Tom took the scissors, cut out Bieber’s head from the girl’s shirt, and glued it on top of the skeleton’s skull. Voila, one instant scary decoration. We hung him on the porch where he swings in the wind. A few days ago, we had super-strong winds (it’s Chicago after all), and one strong gust decapitated Bieber. The body part flew on the street, while the head stayed attached on our awning. Oops.

However, there is nothing a little packing tape can’t fix.