Meet Baby Spruce

Baby Spruce Dec 31

Baby Spruce is a Dwarf Alberta Spruce we planted in September of 2013. He quickly took on a life of his own. You can read up on his beginning, and continued adventures, by following the links below.

He even has his own Twitter now. You can follow him @BabySpruce1.

And don’t forget to follow this blog to keep up with him because new posts will be added to the blog directly!

Operation Dwarf Alberta Spruce

The Continued Adventures of Baby Spruce

Baby Spruce Sees First Snow

Baby Spruce is Getting Spruced up for Christmas

Baby Spruce Found His Blanky

A Star for Baby Spruce

Baby Spruce Lights up for Winter Solstice

Baby Spruce Adorns a Christmas Card

Baby Spruce’s First Christmas

Baby Spruce Celebrates New Year’s

Baby Spruce’s First Test

Can Baby Spruce Achieve Fame?

The Baby Spruce Connection

Baby Spruce Says: Happy Chinese New Year

Baby Spruce Celebrates Valentine’s Day

Baby Spruce is Feeling Olympic

Baby Spruce Loves the Deuce

Baby Spruce Explains Mardi Gras and Fasching

Baby Spruce and St. Patrick’s Day

Is Baby Spruce Sick?

Happy Easter from Baby Spruce

Happy Earth Day from Baby Spruce

Baby Spruce is Looking Better

Baby Spruce Fared Better Than I Thought

Baby Spruce’s Home Gets Spruced Up

Happy Summer Solstice from Baby Spruce

Happy Independence Day from Baby Spruce

Baby Spruce is Ready for Football Season

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