Gardening in the Trailer Park: A Heap of Sunflowers

Tom w sf in planter july 22

Remember this planter? The tallest sunflower is now so tall that I have a hard time getting it into the picture.

sunflowers in planter july 22

And here is the planter in its full glory. Yes, it is ridiculously small, but the packet said the flowers were only supposed to get 5 feet tall. So, since we had multiples, we thought they’d be smaller. Well, we were wrong. Remember how we had to thin out the planter? What happened to the transplants, you ask?

Tom with transplanted sf july 22

Here they are. Amazingly enough, all survived. Yes, they are somewhat spindly, but the tallest ones are up to the rain gutter. No blooms yet, but they do have buds.

Aztec gold bloom july 23

And this is our biggest bloom so far: One of the Aztec Gold out front. Some of those are approaching roof height.

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