St. Patrick’s Day Meal at Beacon Tap

ImageFor years I’ve been wanting to try corned beef and cabbage for St. Patrick’s Day. Since Tom is always on board for a good meal, the hard part was choosing a place to get some. Sure, I am a good cook, but that is something I’ve never attempted. We chose the Beacon Tap because it was close by, so we would not have to run into the idiots on the road who insisted on drunk driving.

The reviews online were bad, but I am used to that. I mean, it’s a typical bar, what do people expect? (I always look up stuff online before I go somewhere new). My one concern was that seating would be difficult as I can’t sit on a bar stool or wooden chair. So I called them a few hours before dinner time and asked. The lady who answered the phone was very nice and said they had booths. I was even able to reserve one. I ended up calling back a little later and changed the reservation time, so again: no problem with the courtesy factor so far.

We ended up going after the Nascar race, found our reserved booth, and everything went smooth. Dinner arrived quickly and we were out again in about 50 minutes. That is one more item off my bucket list!

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