Gardening in the Trailer Park: Bloomin’ Sunday

burgundy sf july 12 my pic 2

Two days ago, our second sunflower bloomed fully. At first, I was not sure if it was part of the Autumn Beauty Mix or a Chianti Hybrid. I took this picture, but I had to reach up with the cell phone because they are that tall. So, I can’t study the blooms close up in person, unless we get out a ladder. With my dizziness, that ain’t gonna happen! Glory Lennon thought it was a Chianti.

Chianti closeup July 12

And you know what? Glory was right as this pic shows. I took this picture in the evening when the blooms point differently, and it definitely looks like a Chianti Hybrid.What is so strange is that they are supposed to grow between 4 to 5 feet tall only, but this plant is definitely bigger than 5 feet. I thought it would be much smaller because I have 15 of them in a box that is only 48 by 12 inches in size. I guess we can thank the Miracle Grow that we put in when preparing the beds.

People are now slowing down in their cars when going by, pointing. One of our neighbor’s even asked for seeds!

the first sf day 2 tom pic

And, Glory was also right about our first sunflower that bloomed, three days ago. In my prior post I thought it might be from the Autumn Beauty Mix collection, but it’s a Strawberry Blonde Hybrid. As you can see by this pic taken by Tom during its second day of blooming, it’s definitely the strawberry kind.

Aztec gold july 14

And here is what greeted us this fine Sunday morning: Aztec Gold!

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