M is for McDonalds #1 Store Museum

(My theme for the A-Z challenge is places, things and people around Chicago)
No, we don’t eat at McDonalds, we like our food to be real, but it’s still an interesting piece of history that Des Plaines is home to the first McDonalds ever.
While the original building from 1955 was demolished in 1984 after several remodels, the current museum facility is a replica of the old building and on the same grounds (on N. Lee Street). A few modifications have been made to allow for museum staff and visitors. However, the big road sign out front is the original one.
Since the museum is only open from Memorial Day to Labor Day, I have not been in it. The building is only a museum, not a functioning restaurant, but there is a “real” McDonalds across the street that continues to serve billions and billions. However, Tom actually did eat at the original store (it was a walk-up only, no indoor seating) when he was a child. How cool!

15 thoughts on “M is for McDonalds #1 Store Museum

  1. My friend recently cleaned out a totally trashed house that had been a junkie’s abode, and the junkie was basically a hoarder too. He hadn’t lived there for 8 months and they found a cheeseburger with a bite out of it in the microwave that had been there for 8 months or more and had hardly any mold on it at all (only a thin layer on the top of the bun).

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